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Using the Tenant Portal

Using the Tenant Portal

This Helpdesk article will help you guide your tenants through reviewing and signing the report using the Tenant Portal.

You can complete an inventory report and send it to tenants using the mobile app, or once uploaded to the website, send the report to tenants via your desktop device. Tenants are emailed a link to view the report you have created. Here they can review the contents of the report and leave their feedback with photos.

The Tenant Portal can be accessed on a mobile or desktop browser.

The tenant will receive a link via email to the report. Clicking the link will take them to the Tenant Portal where they can view and sign. Use the Tenant Portal live tracking to see if the tenant has viewed or signed the report.

The Tenant Portal will open on the homepage. This will state information such as the tenant's name, property address, report type, report date and the assessor.
By clicking Start review, the user will begin working their way through each area of the report.

Each area is defaulted to Agree with the details provided. If the tenant is happy with the details and photos, this should remain the same and the tenant can click Continue.

If a tenant would like to disagree with the details and photos provided, they can select No and leave their feedback along with photos.

Tenants cannot leave feedback without adding photos to support their comments.

Once the comments and photos have been added, the tenant will need to click Save.

The tenant can also agree or disagree with details and photos regarding the meters, keys and detectors.

On the final page, clicking About This Report and End of Tenancy Expectations will open to reveal further important information about the report.

After the tenant has reviewed the report and left their feedback, they are required to sign the report. The signature must be typed as it is presented in the signature box. In this case, the signature would need to be typed exactly as JESSICA ROBINSON.

Once the signature is typed, the Submit button will light up. This can now be clicked to complete the process.

The lead tenant must sign the report before the other tenants.

If all tenant signatures have been received, you can now force complete the report to generate the final PDF with signatures.

Tenant feedback will be highlighted in yellow on the final report PDF.

Tenants have 7 days to leave their feedback and sign the report before the report automatically completes. They can see the time remaining when accessing the portal.

Updated on: 19/06/2024