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Force complete report if all tenant signatures have been received

Tenants have 7 days to review and sign an inventory report, which after this time the report will automatically complete with or without signatures. If all tenant signatures are received before the 7 days is complete, you can force complete the report early to generate a PDF.

Force complete a report on the Mobile App

Click the envelope icon on the bottom tab. Here you can view the reports that are waiting for signatures.

Select a report that you wish to complete.

Make sure that you have received all the signatures. You can't force complete a report if all signatures have not been received.
Click Force complete report.

Now in Completed reports you will be able to view and download the final document with tenant signatures attached.

Force complete a report on the Web App

Once you have received all tenant signatures, the Force complete button will become available.

Click the Force Complete button and then Complete. Remember you will not be able to add any more tenants if you do this and the final PDF will be generated.

Your report will now be complete and ready to download to your desktop.

Updated on: 27/06/2023