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Lock, sign and send reports to tenants on the mobile app

Lock and sign reports on the app

Once you have added photos and descriptions to your inspection areas and items, tap Preview report and upload data.

Use the preview page to check all the information added is correct. Top tip: use the preview page to edit the report. Simply tap on the area you wish to edit and you will be returned to the edit report page.
After previewing the report, go to Looks good - next.

You will see 3 different options. Here you can upload the report to the website to save it in the server. You can continue working on the report from the desktop version and sign/lock the report there.
To complete the report on the app, choose either: Lock report and generate final PDF or Send to tenants for signatures by swiping right, depending on whether you wish to receive signatures from tenants.

Only Inventory / Schedule of Condition reports can be sent to tenants for signatures. Inspection and Check Out reports can be uploaded to the website, or signed to generate the final PDF. NEW: Check In reports can be signed in-person by the tenants at the property.

Generate the final PDF

If you would like to lock the report and generate the final PDF without tenant signatures, click Lock report and generate final PDF.

Sign by typing your name into the Your signature field.
You can change the amount of blank signature spaces that are required.
Complete this section by clicking Continue. This will begin the process of locking and uploading the report.

Send Reports to tenants on HelloReport App

Follow the above steps to take you to the upload page.
Swipe Send to tenants for signatures on.

Sign the report by typing your name in Your signature field.
Add the lead tenant information by clicking Tap to add details under Tenants.

Type in the first name, last name and email address of the tenant and click Update tenant.

Add other tenants, by clicking Add another tenant
Finish by clicking Continue. The signature requests are sent to tenants automatically.

Clicking either: Lock report and generate final PDF or Send to tenants for signatures will both lock and sign the report.

Updated on: 22/12/2023