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Add, edit or delete a property

Add a property on the mobile app

Click to your Settings in the app in the right top corner of the main page.

Click Add Property and insert the postcode of the address you wish to add.

Choose the address from the list of addresses.

Check that you have chosen the correct address by using the map provided. This will appear after selecting an address from the list. Finish by clicking Add Property to my account.

If you are unable to find the address from the list provided, you can also add the address manually by clicking Enter address manually at the end of the list.

Type manually the details of the property and finish by clicking Add property to my account.


Add a property on the website

Add a new property when starting a new report

Click Start Report.

Start typing an address of the property you wish to create report for.
If the address has not already been added to your account, click Add New Property, which will take you to Add single property page (see instructions below for add a single property).

Add new property via Properties

Go to "Properties" in your web app and click Add New Property.

You can either add a new property manually by clicking Add single property or you can import several properties from Excel or CSV file by clicking Import from CSV.

Add single property

If you choose to add a single property, search for the address or the postcode of the property you wish to add and select it from the list provided.

If you are unable to find the property from the list, click Enter address manually and submit the information of the property.
By clicking Add more information you can also link the property to a specific client, create a property reference so that you can identify the property better from other ones and add a property description.
Click Add when you have submitted all information of the property required and wish to add the property to your account.

Import properties from an Excel/CSV file

Below the option to add a single property, click Import from CSV.
If required, please download the example CSV file for guidance.
Drag the file to the drop area or click to Browse your computer to choose the file.

Click here to find out more about importing your property portfolio.

Edit properties on the website

Go to Properties and click the specific property of which information you wish to edit.
Edit the details, for example link the property to a client or write a description for the property and press Update.

You can only edit the address of properties that do not have previously completed reports.

Delete properties on the website

From the Properties list, choose the property you wish to delete.
Click Delete at the bottom of the page next to Update.
Type CONFIRM in the field if you are sure you wish to delete the property and then click Delete.

Please note that all the reports related to this property will be permanently deleted and the data will not be accessible anymore. We are unable to retrieve any data related to this property after you have deleted the property from the system.

Updated on: 09/01/2024