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Lock, sign and send reports on the web app

Sign and lock a report

Once you have checked a report is correct, click the Sign Off tab on your chosen report.
Swipe the grey button to green to confirm you have reviewed the report and understand it will no longer be editable.

Sign the report by typing your name into the signature box.

Your signature must be typed as it is presented below. The Lock Report button will not be available unless the signature is correct.

Click Lock Report and then confirm this by clicking the red Lock button.

Completing a report without tenant signatures

Once a report is locked, it will then be ready to send. If you wish to continue without collecting tenant signatures, select Complete report without signatures.
Use the + icon to add your blank tenant spaces and click Lock.

Your report will now be available to download as a PDF.

Sending a report to tenants for signatures

Go to the Sign Off tab and click Add tenants.
Type the tenant's first name, last name and email.
If you wish to add additional tenants, click Add Tenant.
Slide the confirmation button to green to agree with the given statements.

When all the tenants have been added, click Send Report to Tenant.

The Tenant Portal is a great place to view the signature status and whether the portal has been accessed. If you wish to add another tenant, click Add Tenants.

Once all tenant signatures have been received, simply wait for the report's signature timer to complete or force complete the report. When the report is complete, the report PDF will be available to download.

Updated on: 27/06/2023