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Create a new report

Create a new report on the mobile app

On the app home screen, click Start report.

If the property already exists, simply search and select the address from the Addresses in your account list. If the address does not appear in the search, tap the Add new property button and add the new address via postcode or by entering it manually. Find out more about adding properties here.

After choosing the property address, select the Appointment date and click Done.

Select the Report type.

If you are reporting about the property prior to a tenancy agreement, choose Inventory / Schedule of Condition. During the tenancy agreement, choose an Inspection. To check the condition of the property after the tenancy agreement has ended and compare with the previous inventory data, choose the Check Out. We now offer a Check In report to log important pre-tenancy information such as parking details and stopcock location.

Choose a report template. Find out more about creating and customising your templates here.

Top tip: You can copy the structure and data from another address as well. This is useful especially if you have several properties that are identical, for instance, in an apartment building.

Alternatively, copy the report data from a previous report. Choose the address and the report you wish to copy.
Choose if you wish to copy all the defects and photographs from the selected report as well.

Tap Create report to take you to the edit report page.

In HelloReport Web App

Click Start Report in the top right corner of your HelloReport web app.
Start typing the address you wish to create the report for in the search for an address field.
If you are unable to find the address, click Add New Property and follow the instructions in this help article to add a new property to your account: Add, edit or delete a property.
After you have found and selected your property from the list, add the date for your report.
Select the report type.
Choose the right report template for your property.
If you wish to add Items to your report, turn Items required on.
Click Start Report to finalise.

Updated on: 20/12/2023