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Upload a report to the website from the mobile app

Upload a report to the website from your mobile

If you prefer to edit your report and send to tenants on the website, then you can simply just upload the data to the website. Here it will be safely stored in our server.

After creating your report on the mobile app and previewing it, you may not be ready to send to tenants or complete the report. Click Looks good - next to view the report upload options.

Select the first option - Just upload data to the website. You will not be required to sign the report and the report can be re-downloaded to the mobile app at a later time.

The Upload data button will now be highlighted green. Tap the button to begin the upload process.

Ensure you have a strong internet connection before uploading a report.

The report will now upload. It is important you remain on the HelloReport app and do not let the mobile device screen lock.

Leaving the app while a report is uploading or allowing the device screen to lock can sometimes cause slow uploads or failed uploads.

When the report upload is successful, please log into the HelloReport web app to view your report. It will now show as in progress on your desktop device. Now you can edit, sign or send to tenants.

If you need to re-download the report to a mobile device, find out more here.

Updated on: 30/06/2023