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Add, edit or remove a report template

Add, edit or remove a report template

Report templates provide a helping hand in getting started. Add the various inspection areas for your property type along with their custom items. Next time you create a report, choose your property template and you're ready to go.

Add a report template

To access your templates, go to Account in the top right corner of your HelloReport web app and click Settings. Only the account owner and managers can view templates.

Select Report Settings and then Templates
Click Add Template to create a new template.

Provide your template with a name, and add all of the inspection areas required.
If you need to add inspection areas not already available in the drop down options, or you need to customise your areas with items, head over to the Dictionary. Check out this Helpdesk article for more information: Add inspection areas and items to your dictionary.
You can customise the name of existing inspection areas by editing the name in Customise area name.
To save the new template, click Update.

Top tip: Copy the data & structure of a previous existing report to use as a template. This is useful if you are visiting the same property, or a similar one.

Edit an existing report template

You can edit templates that have been previously added. These templates are labelled added by you.

Simply change all the detail needed in the template by replacing the existing text with the new text of your choice.
You can also add more areas to the template, by clicking Add area.
To change the order of the inspection areas, click and hold the logo next to the trash can to drag and drop.
To delete an area from the template, click the trash can logo.
Click Update to save any changes.

Delete a report template

If you wish to delete the template, click Delete, type CONFIRM to the field provided and finalise by clicking Delete.

The template will be permanently deleted.

Please note that you're unable to edit or delete the system default templates.

Updated on: 05/10/2023