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How to add a new branch and associate properties

Adding a new branch and associating properties

Are you already a HelloReport customer with more than one branch? Reduce costs by adding a new branch to an existing account - no invitation needed.

How to add a new branch

Go to the HelloReport website.
Click to Branches in the HelloReport menu.

Select Add New Branch.

Add a branch name and location information; input a postcode or enter the address manually.
Once complete, click Add.

You will now have the option to add a branch logo and begin associating managed properties.

New reports created for properties associated with the branch will include the branch's logo.

Associating properties

By associating properties with specific branches, it is easier to compare branches with each other, but also keep your reports more organised.

Go to Branches in the HelloReport menu.

Click the branch you wish to associate properties with.
In the branch, go to Properties.
Click Associate Properties.

Select the tick box of the property you wish to associate with the branch.
Once Associate properties has been selected, the properties will be reassigned to the branch.

The properties will now be listed under the branch Properties. Here you can also see the latest report created.

Report History lists all reports created at the branch.

It's easy to switch between the different branches. Click the Current Branch drop down on the associate properties menu and make your branch selection. Confirm to see the properties for the selected branch.

Clicking Reset on this menu will remove all associated properties from all branches.

Updated on: 11/12/2023