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Add, edit or delete a client

You are able to view all the client information and edit the details of a specific client by going to Properties under a specific client. Similarly, view the reports of the properties associated with your client in Report History under a specific client.

Add a new client

Go to Clients page.
Click Add New Client.
Fill in the client's first name and last name.
Search the address of the client by starting to type the address in Search for an address or postcode and select the address from the list.
If you are unable to find the address from the list, you can click Enter address manually.
Click Save when you are ready to add the client to your account.

To link properties to specific clients

Click Properties under a specific client.
Click Associate properties.
Choose all the properties from the list provided that you wish to link to your client. Note that you can only link each property with one client.
Click Associate properties.

Delete client

Go to Clients.
Choose a client you wish to delete.
Scroll down the Details page.
Click Delete.
To finalise, type CONFIRM.
Click Delete to remove the client from your account.

Note that by deleting a client, all of the properties linked with that client will not be linked together anymore, but will be left orphan. Removing a client does not remove all of the properties or reports linked with the client.

Updated on: 27/06/2023