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Add, edit and delete items

Add, edit and delete items in the Mobile App

Add items

To add additional items to your inspection area, for example you wish to add a hob to kitchen, turn Items on in the inspection area.

Click Add items at the end of the item list.

Click + mark at the end of each items in Dictionary you wish to add to your inspection area.

You can also add new custom items by clicking to Custom.
Type the name of your new item and if you wish to add more than one custom items, click Add custom item under the first custom item name you have just written, and add all the rest of the new custom items.
When you have selected all the items from the Dictionary and Custom items, click Add (1) items to report.

Edit item name

To edit the items, click the item you wish to edit, for example oven/hob.
You can edit the name of the item by simply clicking the end of the name, erasing the name and replacing it with a name of your choice.
You can edit all the details in an item by clicking them.
To make it easy for you to follow which items you have already edited, click Mark this item as complete.

Delete items

To delete items, click Edit on the right side of the screen.
Click the red - mark next to all of the items you wish to delete, and confirm it by clicking Delete.
When you have deleted all the items needed, click Done on the right side of the screen.

Add, edit and delete items in the Web App

Add items

In the inspection area, for example kitchen, go to the Items off drop down and select Items on. A list of items will appear, or you can now begin adding new items.
Go to Add new item.

Choose an existing item from the drop down menu.

Alternatively, click Edit custom item to add a unique item.

Type the custom item name and click Add. Your new item(s) will now appear below the inspection area. Descriptions and up to 20 photos can be added to each item.

Edit item name

Click on the name of the item you need to edit.

The edit box will pop up. Make any amendments to the item name and select Update to see the changes.

Delete items

Click on the name of the item you need to delete.

Go to Delete and Confirm. Any existing photos and defects for this item will be deleted.

Updated on: 17/11/2023