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Add a company logo to reports

Adding a company logo

Add custom branding to your reports to make them yours. With HelloReport, our branding or logo doesn't appear anywhere on your final report.

First of all, head over to the HelloReport website.
Go to Account > Settings.
Under the Company details tab, a logo can be added under Company logo.
Click the box to browse your files, or drag and drop a file.
Click the green Update button to save your changes.

Your company logo will also appear on the Tenant Portal.

Further customise reports by adding another branch's logo. Property addresses associated with the branch will generate reports with the new logo. Find out more about adding branches and associating properties by clicking here.

Go to the Branches tab on the website.
Choose a branch from the list. If you need to add a new branch, follow this guide.
Under Branch Logo, drag and drop a photo, or click to browse your files.
Update to save changes.
Any reports created for the addresses associated with the branch will now have the new logo.

If you wish for the logo to stop appearing on reports, temporarily switch it off in Report Settings.

Updated on: 15/01/2024