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Add, edit and delete checklists on the web app

Create and edit checklists

10 photographs can be added to each checklist question

Go to Account in the top right corner of your HelloReport web app, and click to Report Settings.

Depending on if you wish to edit the checklist on Inventory / Schedule of Condition, Inspection or Check Out reports, click the type of report and Checklist under it. For instance, if you wish to add your own checklist to Check Out report, click Check Out and then its Checklist.

To edit the existing checklists, click the three vertical dots next to the checklist you wish to edit, and click Edit. If you wish to delete the specific checklist, click Remove.

To edit an existing checklist, simply erase the text you want and replace it with your own text.
To add more checklist questions, click Add new question and type the question to the field.

You can also delete some of the questions by clicking the logo of the trash can.
To move the questions into different order, press the logo next to the trash can and drag the photos into the order you want.
When you have made all the changes needed, click Update to save the changes.

To add a new checklist of your own, click Add new checklist.

Add a name for your checklist and insert all the questions you need.
To save the checklist, click Add.

Remember to edit your checklists before creating a new report. Any changes made to a checklist after a report has been created may not show.

Updated on: 06/11/2023