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Managing your subscription and billing details

Managing your subscription and billing details on the website

Find out more about setting up your subscription as a new customer, changing your subscription and billing details, and how to view your receipts.

To set up your subscription:

Log in to the HelloReport web app.
Go to Account > Settings.

Click to Billing > Monthly Plan.
Select your subscription from the drop down menu, ranging from 10 to 500 properties.
Choose your preferred billing cycle. Annual subscriptions include a 20% discount.

Add your credit/debit card details and click I agree to pay the above, starting today.

If you manage more than 500 properties, please contact our customer success team via live chat or call 0191 466 1144 to discuss our Enterprise plans.

To change your subscription:

Choose your new property amount from the drop down menu.
Click Confirm change plan to amend billing.

To change your card details:

Click the grey Change payment method button.
Input your updated card details.

To view your billing history:

Go to Billing > Billing history.

All previous payments will be listed. Select view receipt to view your invoice in full and download to your PC.

Updated on: 11/12/2023