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Getting started on web and mobile

HelloReport is the ultimate tool for effectively tracking the condition of rented properties over time, creating a perfect audit trail and stopping tenancy deposit disputes.

Get started on iPhone and Android:

Download the HelloReport app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

Once the app has been installed, click on the HelloReport icon on the home page to open it.

Tap Sign Up.

Type your work email address and tap Continue.

Fill in your First name, last name and company. Tap Continue.

Create a strong password and click Continue.

Add your phone number.

Select the number of properties you manage or need to create reports for.

You'll be asked to confirm your email address by typing in a 6-digit code. The code will be sent to your email address and can be typed into the app.

Every account will have an individual and unique code, please use the code that has been sent. If you're unable to find the email, we recommend checking your spam/junk folder.

Return to the HelloReport app and continue. You can add your first property to the account, or Skip to access your account quicker.

Get started on your computer:

Go to

Click Create a HelloReport account.

Fill in your details, including your email address, name, and set a strong password.

Select how many properties you manage from the options provided and then click Sign Up.

An email will be sent with a verification code. When prompted, input the 6 digit code into the app/website.

Please make sure you activate your account within 7 days or you'll need to register again.

Updated on: 02/10/2023